Is Speaking Less Really Speaking More If It Is Not Who You Are?

I can talk, I don’t mind talking and most of the time I even enjoy it.  I am happy to put myself out there and strike up a conversation and I enjoy finding something to relate to others about in order to engage them in a conversation. Most of the time close friends and family mock me for this quality but every now and then it is applauded as it means I am outgoing and not afraid to share, be that something humiliating or meaningful.

For the most part this talkative nature has been beneficial to me, it has allowed me to get to know a lot of people and it has given me confidence to navigate most conversations, get valuable information I was not afraid to ask for and speak publicly without nerves.  On the other hand there is the old adage “talk less, say more” or the articles that claim that people who talk less are smarter.  I even recall reading an article in a woman’s magazine while traveling that claimed if you talk less and say big words you would come across as smarter and can move up in the corporate world (I think it also said you should wear more black and fake glasses if needed).

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

 Having the ability to talk comfortably is a quality not everyone has but the recommendation seems to be to talk less.  Where should I stand, should I embrace it and ignore snarky comments on my character or try to tone back what I say and when I say it?

I would be lying if I said I haven’t thought about talking less and wondering how it would alter the way others perceive me but at the end of the day it just does not feel like me.  There is one place, however where I have noticed my ability to ramble or fill space with words does not provide added benefit to those around me, rather it can be distracting and it is when I am teaching yoga.  I know this because I have grown to admire instructors who are able to get their point across in a few short meaningful words or phrases.  The only problem is this quality I have I believe is an integral part of who I am and is a major contributing factor to being my authentic self which no one should give up just because they think they should due to the pressure of others.  Being authentic has so many profound benefits in life and many people strive to find it.  Being authentic is doing what you say you are going to do.  As long as I do what I say I am going to do I shouldn’t stop talking.  It is who I am. 

A couple of years ago my boss gave me a bracelet for Christmas.  It was very kind of her to think to give me a gift but what stood out was that it was personal, it had the symbol for the throat chakra on it.  I recall reading the description on the card that came with it and specifically remember it saying the throat chakra represents speaking your truth and choosing love over fear.  I think these are important words to remember when you have a tendency to not be afraid to speak up because although having a voice is important what say is equally important and there is a balance.

If I lead with love and remain honest know matter what the platform or how many words I use it will be understood, well received and represent who I am in an authentic light. 

Everyone is different and everyone should remain true to themselves despite pressure either internally or externally.  For me I just remember the meaning of the throat chakra to carry me through if I ever doubt how I approach my voice in this world.  The heart chakra is your communication center, where language converges with intention and emotion to create self-expression. 

Where do you land the spectrum of using your voice?  Have you ever considered the throat chakra to guide you? If so I would enjoy hearing from you about your experience.

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